Cannabis delivery methods

Cannabis Delivery Methods

Cannabis is already a very versatile plant; each strain has different terpenes and cannabinoids that can alter the experience of the user. Delivery methods of cannabis offer even more options. Smoking is the most common method, but there are many other methods that have their own pros and cons. One benefit to all of the different delivery methods of cannabis is that it can allow each person to find their own preferred method; much like finding their own preferred strain! The effectiveness of each delivery method will depend on the individual; somebody who swears by edibles may dislike smoking, or vice versa. We encourage cannabis users to try different methods and strains to find the best combination for them.

Smoking/VapingVape pens, dabs, flower/budFast-acting, effects last 2-5 hoursEasy access, fast-acting, quick feedback makes dosage management easier.Not discreet, effects are not long-lasting. Potential to irritate lungs/upper respiratory system.
IngestionEdibles (capsules, gummies, baked goods)Slower onset, effects last up to 12 hoursDiscreet, long-lasting effects are especially good for pain management and sleep issuesEffects vary, dosage is difficult to determine
TopicalSalve, lotion, creamsVaries depending on individual and amount usedDiscreet, non-intoxicating, can provide localized relief for areas of painEffects vary from person to person (dosage is difficult to determine)
SublingualTinctures10-40 minutes, lasts 2-8 hoursFast-acting and long-lasting, discreetInitial dosing can be difficult to determine.